Time and Place Gallery

Last night I managed to visit Time and Place Gallery to see an exhibition titled ‘The Line Up’ featuring superstar-style portraits of Newcastle’s top Roller Derby athletes.

Photographer Ange Stephens, or “Dangerass” when it’s time to skate with the team, has captured the spirit and aspirations of these powerful women. The works are beautifully stylised, with each Roller Derby persona captured in a dynamic positions, some even appear to be in mid-flight. The movement captured in these works is fantastic, with a larger than life size print, these local super hero’s demand your full attention.

It was fantastic to hear last night that over $2000.00 was raised, after silent auctions of the works at the opening. It is always great to see local scenes mix and last night saw Renew Newcastle project Time and Place Creatives show their support for what is, a steadily growing, local women’s sport.

I’ve only been to one local bout but I can safely vouch, I’ve never cheered so much for a sports team in my life! The theatrical element to this sport makes it the best spectator sport. Do I have a favourite? Well, Susy Pow, of course!

Want to know more about Newcastle Roller Derby? Go to NRDL for more info.

Oh and last night we saw a friendly local face riding a push-bike cabby outside. This looks like a great way to move around the CBD! If you see them cruising around, give them a holler and be chauffeured in this Eco-friendly mode of transport.


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