Wandering Brooklyn

After staying over in Brooklyn for two nights I managed to cover some great spaces between DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg.

The streets of DUMBO are romantically gritty with the rumble of the trains over Manhattan Bridge adding a sensory experience like no other.

The cobblestone streets are a reminder of the areas history. From DUMBO, I walked through Brooklyn Bridge Park which was just lovely. There was so much lush green space, areas for dogs and sculptures throughout. The views of the Manhattan skyline was amazing. I even saw the Statue of Liberty!

The park was lush all the way along the water’s edge and people were using the track to run, as well as just to relax and take in the views.



Brooklyn Heights streets (like all that I have seen so far) were filled with grand buildings and big trees.

It was a great place to start my holiday in Brooklyn, before heading to Manhattan. The next post will show you the first day we had in Manhattan. Time sure is flying and there is still so much to try and see!



And here’s some pics from the industrial warehouse that I stayed in, which was an artists loft with three over creative people, complete with a stuffed toy panda pit!






New Pride of Place Mural

This week Street Art Walking saw the completion of a mural by Brendon Ussher. The project has been funded by Newcastle City Council’s Pride Of Place Program, with a special thanks to Saul Standerwick for assisting in kick starting the project, at the end of last year. Saul has since moved on from his role with council and we already miss sending him fun street art links. Many of the public art murals in town (like the tunnel at the beach, the lucky country murals, the council vans and more) were organised by Saul. It was truly a honour to work with him via the PoP Program and he will be missed by many, I’m sure.

The artwork designed by Brendon fits perfectly within this unique retaining wall, which is actually quiet a long wall.

Each section of the wall has a different insect, amongst the luscious green foliage. The detailed layers produce a 3D effect, with dew drops falling from the edges of the leaves.

Amongst the greenery you will find a lady beetle, praying mantis, ants and more. As the mural was being painted, many onlookers enjoyed discovering the garden features, getting excited as they mapped out these larger than life creatures. A living lady beetle even stopped by to give her nod of approval!

You can see the artwork which is located on King Street, next to Centrelink, Newcastle. Centrelink address is 279 King Street.