Look Hear

It is that exciting time of the year again, thanks to the clever and sexy kids at Zookraft, for Look Hear and Look See. What is Look Hear and Look See? Well, only the most exciting art and design event in Newcastle, since, ever!

Zookraft have gone all-out to produce an amazing program, showcasing the best of today’s art and design scenes. Covering a huge range of scope, you can visit Newcastle

Self-described as “part conference, part club house, part playground”, this year’s program is not one to be missed.

Street Art Walking artists Alex Ball, Ben Foster and Stu McDonald will all be presented in a series of time-lapse videos, recorded during installations, at the Look See exhibition at Watt Space gallery.

We are pretty excited to attend tonight’s series of talks at Newcastle Region Art Gallery.

Oh, and you should also keep Friday night free, to get to the opening of Look See. You will be part of the first SECRET WARS in Newcastle. There is so much to get excited about, best just come and find out for yourself.

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