Beginning with the letter ‘S’

Hello friends of SAW!Image

We have been flat out after working towards our first ever Pop Up Exhibition at The Supperclub with our local friends from King Street Hotel, Emma Soup, The Woods, ARThive and The Chop Shop Clinic. A huge thank you must go to everyone who made it on the night. There were even some very lucky buyers, with all our our artists selling works at the event.

The exhibition pieced together three local ladies whom all have quiet unique skills, yet together there was a strong undercurrent of street art methods. Accidentally, all the artists’ names began with the letter ‘S’. Sarah Mould, Sophia Flegg and Sarah Dunn all exhibited wonderfully framed works, which tied in neatly in a variety of ways, including a salon hang. Nat from The Chop Shop set up a great stand featuring her sticks and a bunch of cool free stuff that was quickly snapped up, like matchbox business cards.

The night included might programmed by Chris Hearn, proprietor of the newly opened Terrace Bar, with a beautiful fashion runway by Emma Soup and friends.

A special thank you must go to Abbey Cecil and Lance Johnson for their work in assisting with curating and hanging the works. More images from the might – coming soon!

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