Where have you been?

Wow, where did the last two months go??

Well, we can tell you they went down with a little bit of rain in Newcastle town. So much so, that we have had some delays on the completion of Project ARThive.

The moral of the story?

Well, you can stop the rain. Whttp://streetartwalking.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.phphat have we been doing in the mean time then?

Oh, only Tez’s, largest stencil EVER!

One the same day that we were unable to finish Stu McDonald’s artwork on ARThive, Tez was lucky enough to have some coverage from the drizzling rain to install his artwork ‘The World is Your Monster’.

And, golly, were we impressed with this stencil! The installation began at around midday and involved a series of delicate steps to get everything ‘just right’.

Tez will tell you it was only a “two layer” stencil, but we saw much more layering going on here. Each layer had to be cut down into various sections to fit in the somewhat awkward alcove. Each section of the stencil then involved careful placement, marrying up the registration points to get the image scale right.

Tez used traditional blending techniques, using his hand and the can to control the flow and layering of paint, a skill that must be highly commended!

Here are some images from the day:

(wordpress won’t let me upload, images coming soon – sorry!)

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