Everything You Can Imagine Is Real by Stu McDonald

Congratulations to Stu McDonald for the long-awaited completion of his amazingly bright and inspiring artwork on ARThive in Morgan Street (Hunter Street Mall) in Newcastle.

It was an exciting project from the start! We learnt how to operate BOOM lifts, only to discover they were not ideal for the site, due to an incline in the street.

So then we got use a scissor lift, only to find out, that was also not useable on the site. We realised we couldn’t afford the scaffolding, for the height of the original design, after all the issues with machinery. Oh, gee, did we learn ALOT!

In the end, Stu was very clever and worked around the issues such as access equipment and the rain. Oh, the rain. It was not always on our side, often crashing our installation schedule weekends to say ‘HI?’ and remind us of the sheer force of weather. It would have been nice if it was just a short visit to say hello, yet our unexpected visitor just did not let up. After a delay of weeks and quick holiday in the US of A, Stu came back to the wall with determination to finish his artwork; rain, hail or shine!

With help from a number trusty stewards, the final work is nothing short of magnificent. I have been receiving great feedback on the amazing colours. Marni Jackson, General manager of Renew Newcastle, loves the artwork and commented on how exciting it is to see the work in different lights of the day.

We look forward to hosting more artwalks and seeing the work in a new light, each time.

Stu was also kind enough to help SAW submit some work  to the clever Zookraft kids at the Look See 2011 exhibition.

Stu will be exhibiting two aerosol artworks and will feature along with the SAW collective submission, including a time lapse of the ARThive mural in progress!

We don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say, we are super excited to showcase the SAW project via some exciting time lapse videos!

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